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Ch. 5 – Back Where I Started

Ch. 5 – Back Where I Started

Changmin almost cried when Jaejoong left him a text message saying that he left to Pusan, and it was an unplanned situation so he couldn’t call Changmin up about it. Siwon patted his head and hugged him tight. “You poor baby, now you don’t have any friend to hang out with.” Siwon giggled alittle.


Jaejoong and Yunho landed from the 1 hour ride. Of course, Jaejoong’s family butler came to pick them up at the airport. “Ajusshi,” Jaejoong waved his hand when he saw Mr. Wu. Yunho followed the jolly boy to his butler.

“How are you, dear Jaejoong?” The elderly butler was happy to see his all grown up prince.

“I’m great,” Jaejoong smiled. “Mr. Wu, this is my spouse,” Yunho smiled and shook hands with the butler.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Mr. Jung.” Butler Wu bowed. “You look just like Jaejoong’s ideal.” Yunho cocked his head to the side, confused.

When Jaejoong and Yunho got to the mansion, Jaejoong ran around everywhere touching everything he can get his hands on. “I miss everything!” Jaejoong jumped everywhere. Yunho shook his head at the childish Jaejoong. “Umma!” Jaejoong ran to hug his mom the moment he saw her out of the kitchen.

“*gasps* Jaejoong dear~” Mrs. Kim hugged her son, a little surprised by the jump. “Hello Yunho,” Mrs. Kim let go of Jaejoong and greeted Yunho.

“Good morning mom,” Yunho smiled at his mother in law.

“You two came just in time, I have made breakfast.” Mrs. Kim said proudly, “Come on to the dining hall.”

Jaejoong’s mother led the two gentlemen to the dining hall for breakfast. Jaejoong ate so fast, he rushed outside to the small town to see his friends. Since they have always been living in the rural area, it looked like a small town around their mansion. “Oh Jaejoong,” Mrs. Kim chuckled. “He must’ve missed his friends. Oh Yunho, how have you been?”

“I’ve been great,” Yunho smiled at his mother in law. “Everything is fine.”

“I remember when you were just a baby,” Mrs. Kim chuckled. “Now, you are all grown up, my son.” She frowned a little and spoke again. “I am truly sorry that we have all forced you into a marriage with my son.”

“It’s fine,” Yunho said, hesitantly. “I understand the matter.”

“Jaejoong was supposed to be a girl. I chose his name to be Jae hee.” She smiled weakly. “Unfortunately, he was unexpectedly a boy—and when he started growing older, he wanted to be a princess—he would always wear my heels--” she chuckled and so did Yunho. “I knew, from the beginning that he was soon going to like men one day.”

“Hm, I see,” Yunho said thoughtfully.  

“But, I refuse to let him be a girl,” She said sadly. “I thought to myself, he won’t be if I don’t treat him that way.” A long silence pause—

“But he didn’t turn out the way you wanted.” Yunho broke the silence and Mrs. Kim chuckled.

“He didn’t, during middle school; he grew to like a boy.” She smiled. “One of his friends—but he soon got over him.” Mrs. Kim smiled. “But nevertheless, Jaejoong has always been adorable. His beauty is always alluring isn’t it?”

“I see,” Yunho said, sounding thoughtful again.


“Taecyeon-sshi,” Jaejoong smiled as the name slipped out of his mouth.

“Hey, long time no see,” Taecyeon hugged Jaejoong. “How is Seoul?”

“It is beautiful,” Jaejoong said in return as he released his good friend. They weren’t best friends, but they were good friends. “There are a number of things I would love you to see.”

“If only I can, I would.” Taecyeon smiled. Jaejoong hugged him again, tighter this time—

“Jaejoong,” Yunho’s voice startled Jaejoong.

“Y-yeh?” Jaejoong quickly released Taecyeon and blushed. Yunho noticed his red cheeks and flustered.

“Mother told you to show me around.” Yunho said, staring the young boy, around Jaejoong’s age.

“Hello,” Taecyeon smiled as he notices Yunho staring at him. “My name is Taecyeon, nice to meet you.”

“Yunho,” Yunho shook his hand—firmly. “I am Jaejoong’s spouse.”

“So I heard,” Taecyeon smiled. “Even if Jaejoong is a man, he is a wonderful spouse~” Taecyeon complimented Jaejoong which made him blush even more, Jaejoong playfully hits his friend. Yunho notice of course~~ it was so, irritating.

“You seem to like him very much,” Yunho said after a silent walk away from Taecyeon.

“Huh?—oh, yes of course.” Jaejoong answered back. “Everyone does….”

“Tall, toned, sharp eyes, smart mouth—of course,” Yunho said, trying to remember how Taecyeon look like.

“That’s my ideal--” Jaejoong whispered.

“Hm?” Yunho didn’t quite get it. “Ideal?”

“Yep,” Jaejoong smiled and started walking faster. “Come on, there is a lot to show you.”


 After a day of showing Yunho around, his mother insists that Jaejoong take Yunho up to his room and rest, they must be tired. Yunho followed Jaejoong up the stairs. “Wait, this is my room,” Jaejoong pointed at a large door. “You can’t go in, have to wait for me, I need to get something, I’ll be right back.” Jaejoong hop down the stairs. Yunho look at him go and sighed.

“A week with a child….” Yunho shook his head and entered the room anyway. It was…different. Yunho loved the room; he was expecting a pink room after talking to his mother in law. Instead, he found himself in a baby blue room….the walls were light blue with yellow stars—and a simple crescent moon. The bed was draped in white lacey sheets with a big pooh bear. Yunho looked around and then he found a photo on a table.

“Taecyeon-sshii” was written on the photo. It was a drawing—no bad. Yunho decided it that it does look like the boy earlier. Next to it was a photo of Jaejoong….and Taecyeon. Jaejoong’s face was so close to Taecyeon’s face that it seems like they were about to kiss. A chill went up his spine.

“Yah!” Jaejoong’s face flustered. “I told you to wait--” Jaejoong ran to the table and grabbed the picture. “This is a private picture!” Jaejoong hid it in a drawer.

“So, he was a boyfriend of yours.” Yunho assumed, sounding nonchalant.

“No~” Jaejoong waivered. “O-of course not~!”

“Really,” Yunho said. “I could careless.”

“Of course,” Jaejoong scoff. “Why would you care about a sexy man like him?”

“………..” Yunho rolled his eyes.

“I will shower first~” Jaejoog grabbed some clothing and hop on to the shower. He has his own private bathroom in his room. A moment later, Mrs. Kim walked in, knocking by the door.

“Sorry, I see you two didn’t close the door.”

“It’s fine mother,” Yunho smiled.

“I am so sorry I didn’t clean the room.” She sighed. “It was so sudden that you two were coming by and everyone had their things to do.”

“Jaejoong have a nice room,” Yunho smiled to his mother in law. “I don’t mind it looking like this.”

“Jaejoong is very childish at times. He may act like an adult sometimes, but his heart is still a child.” She chuckled, when she saw the drawing of Taecyeon on the table still, she grabbed it. “Oh I am so sorry, I didn’t take out any of Jaejoong’s crush’s stuff out.”

“His crush?” Yunho said, dumbfound.

“It’s Taecyeon, all the girls in town love him—so did Jaejoong.” She chuckled. “They became friends—but I knew Jaejoong have always liked him. Have you met him? He looks similar to you—could’ve passed as siblings.”

“Yes, I have.”

“Hm, he is tall, and intelligent—sharp eyes. That boy never fails to amuse me. He is just simply a gentleman.”


Yunho decided to open up the drawer that Jaejoong slipped the picture into it after his mother in law left. So he was Jaejoong’s crush. Yunho thought, looking at the photo of them—underneath it, Jaejoong found a letter, it was never sent—

Taecyeon-sshii, I have something important to tell you. I know it will probably ruin our friendship. Please take a moment to read this please…I know we have been through a lot and I have been grateful that you chose to be friends with me. You are so cool…and handsome. I think—I may have fallen for you =/.

It was sincerely from Jaejoong—Yunho closed the drawer when he heard the door knob twisting.

“What?” Jaejoong questioned as Yunho stares at him. Yunho kept looking—and it was just different. The feeling of staring at his spouse was so different. Jaejoong broke the gaze and walked over to the bed. “You can go shower now.”

Yunho stared at Jaejoong still until he decided that he should shower. When he got out of the shower, Jaejoong has already put pooh bear in the middle and slept on one side of the bed. His head was covered with the blanket but he was still awake, talking on the phone.

“Yeah,” Jaejoong chuckled. “I missed you…more than anyone.” Jaejoong said softly, “I was hoping to stay longer; I really want to spend time with you.”

“*clears throat*”

Jaejoong look up and saw that Yunho was out of the shower. “Taec- I have to go now, good night. Uh hm, bye.”

“That’s quite a romantic talk.”

“It’s not like that at all.” Jaejoong said, sitting up.

“It’s okay,” Yunho said, coolly. “I understand that he is your ideal man.”

“I don’t like him that way, okay?” Jaejoong tried to straighten things out.

“You like him, I read your unsent letter.” Yunho said, sitting on his side of the bed. Jaejoong’s face flushed.

“Who told you—to read my private stuff?” Jaejoong’s voice stiffens. “I told you not to touch anything!”

“If you didn’t want anyone to read it, you would’ve thrown I away.”

“Jung Yunho—you’re such a bastard.” Jaejoong said bitterly.

“Never said I wasn’t a one,” Yunho shrugged his shoulders. Jaejoong was so pissed, he grabbed pooh bear and start hitting Yunho with it. “Yah, stop it!”

“You-” Jaejoong hit him again and again, “Deserve this!”

Yunho grabbed Jaejoong’s wrists to stop him. “Stop it, Jaejoong~”

“Let go!” Jaejoong pulled his wrist. “Let go!”

“Stop first!” Yunho yelled back—like a child.

“It was your fault! You read my private letter that I never sent!” Jaejoong howled and pulled his wrist.

“Well, burn it if you don’t want anyone to read it!” Yunho pulled his wrist so hard, Jaejoong was pulled towards him and they both fell to the ground—off the bed. Jaejoong blushed—although pooh bear was in between them, Jaejoong’s face was tomato red---and Yunho started blushing as well. He never knew—Jaejoong’s eyes were so beautiful.

“I-I am sorry,” Jaejoong pulled himself up and sat by Yunho. “Sorry--”

“It’s my fault.” Yunho blushed and sat up. “I’m sorry,”

“….” Jaejoong was speechless. Yunho’s face…was so handsome. I think I just fell in love again… Jaejoong blushed and tried to hide his face.

“Yah, don’t cry,” Yunho thought that Jaejoong was crying—since he was hiding his face with the pooh bear. “I won’t read anything in this room again.” Jaejoong still didn’t move so Yunho grabbed the bear and pulled it away, only to reveal a fully red face Jaejoong.

“Are you blushing?” Yunho said, surprised—he thought it was kind of cute of Jaejoong.

“N-no~” Jaejoong grabbed his bear~

“You are so red right now,” Yunho said.

“I know,” Jaejoong’s face turn back to normal. “Gosh….” Jaejoong stood up and jump back on the bed.

“I heard that you used to have a crush on Taecyeon.”

“W-well,” Jaejoong hesitated. “Did my mom tell you this--” Jaejoong made the ‘unbelievable’ face. “Y-yes, as a matter of fact—he was popular and handsome.”

“You only got into this marriage because he and I look similar,” Yunho said bitterly.

“It’s a little different.” Jaejoong thought for a second, now that he think about it, they do look similar—not that he knew at first “Taecyeon sshi is a real gentle man. A kind-hearted fellow.”

“This is the lamest reason to tie someone back with you,” Yunho stood up and sat on the bed. “If you think I can replace him, you’re wrong.”

“I never thought you would--” Jaejoong replied—with sorrow in his eyes. “Taecyeon is irreplaceable. Unlike you—after a year, we’d be gone from eachother’s lives—Taecyeon sshi will always be in my life.”

“Heh, seems like he is interested in you anyway,” Yunho lay down—after saying that, he felt kind of odd. It was a feeling he does not want to feel—jealousy.

“Even better, I can marry him right after you leave me,” Jaejoong scoffs—he knew he was joking because…the feelings for Taecyeon has already vanished….vanished years ago. “Taecyeon sshi will take care of me, unlike you, a husband--” Jaejoong was cut off his words when he felt Yunho pulling him to his face.

“If you like him so much, then why don’t you run away with him?” Yunho said—his face was furious—

“Yah, let go~” Jaejoong pulled himself out of Yunho’s grip. “I will, you just wait and see!”


A/N: This is a long chapter….& I am not even done but I have to cut it. Thank you all for the comments…<3 I love you guys! 

Ch. 4 – Infatuated

Prologue: http://masterjaeuknow.livejournal.com/18492.html

Chapter 1 : http://masterjaeuknow.livejournal.com/18725.html

Chapter 2: http://masterjaeuknow.livejournal.com/19323.html

Chapter 3: http://masterjaeuknow.livejournal.com/20917.html?replyto=319157


Jaejoong do not know why, but the presence of Yunho just makes him angry so much. Jaejoong quickly finished his breakfast and walked out of the kitchen when Yunho just walked in. Jaejoong was pissed even until this morning that Yunho was a jerk—he thinks he can have an affair after marriage—and now he thinks Jaejoong should still do what he says after proposing an idea that Jaejoong can date outside the relationship.

Yunho look up at Jaejoong’s dull looking face as he sits down. Yunho felt something was not right. Why isn’t Jaejoong attempting to greet him today?

“Do you need me to pick you up at school?” Yunho attempted to make a conversation. For the first time ever—

“No,” Jaejoong replied shortly. “Nope~” Jaejoong walked out of the house—on his door step, he found an over grown size kid, Shim Changmin waiting for him. “Yah, Min—you came late!” Jaejoong shut the door right after that—

Yunho’s ear was still listening—and the flat sound of the door shutting brought displeasure to his ears. Yunho felt disappointed. They have been married for about two months and Jaejoong has always been a bother—and without him bothering Yunho, it felt sort of empty.

Yunho walked over to the window and watch the two boys dragging their bikes on the road. Jaejoong was smiling—he is happy now. Yunho felt a little sensation of relief, yet, there was a feeling of anxiety that he does not know of yet.

“Your place is so big--” Changmin exclaimed—he was amused. “The Jung Corporation is too rich.”

“It’s okay,” Jaejoong shrugged his shoulders.

“Jaejoong, Siwon said for me to stop taking you out.” Changmin frowned.

“He’s afraid I might like you?” Jaejoong teased—

“N-noo! Siwon and I are not like that!” Changmin blushed. Sure Siwon and Changmin like eachother—but neither of them made a move. “He was just worried that I am interfering with your marriage life.”

“What marriage life Changmin?” Jaejoong sighed—talking about hurts because he knows how Yunho felt about him. “I feel like I’m keeping someone in prison.”  

“Poor Joongie~” Changmin pouted. “I’ll love you forever if he doesn’t.”

“I’ll love you forever too if Siwon doesn’t?” Jaejoong mocked Changmin back and Changmin blushed.

“He’s just my friend!” Changmin pouted

“Who in the world befriend a child?!” Jaejoong stated the obvious.

“W-well, Siwon and I are sort of like in laws. His sister is married to my uncle.” Changmin tried to clear the fact Jaejoong just stated. “So we are closer in bond.”

“Hm,” Jaejoong look at Changmin with a I don’t believe you look. “Say, I Timothy Delaghetto is coming down here to perform—let’s go watch him.”

“I prefer NigaHiga.” Changmin stated.

“Well, I like his shows too—but he’s not coming here so we go see Delaghetto.” Jaejoong insisted.

“Wouldn’t Yunho get mad again?” Changmin said, rethinking about what Siwon has told him on their way back home after dropping Jaejoong off. “He sure doesn’t like you to go out late.”

“I’m so done with him.” Jaejoong scoffs. “I can’t believe I was infatuated with him.”

“Your feelings are wearing off?” Changmin looked surprised. “But you were all crazy and telling me to stalk him for you just two days ago!”

“I don’t know, after yesterday night, I thought everything over…and I just feel so much hatred.” Jaejoong frowned. “I can’t believe I let him step all over me like that.” Jaejoong looked up ahead. “Well, let’s get on our bikes before we’re late.”


“That girl really has no shame,” a lady worker whispered to another. “I mean it isn’t her fault that he has an arranged marriage but she shouldn’t even interfere with him anymore.”

“IKR? Look at her thick face,” the unknown lady whispered back. “It’s been two month now—after the first month, the boss’s spouse never stopped by. All because of this affair I bet.”

Ah Mee walked in silence to her desk. Another girl, Gosun, Ah Mee’s best friend approached her.

“Ah Mee you have to stop this,” Gosun look into Ah Mee’s eyes seriously. “How long are you going to take this? People frown upon you because you cannot let of that married men.”

“Gosun-ah, it isn’t as easy as you think,” She spoke—from her experience and wounded heart. “I wish I can just forget him but I can’t--”

“You can~ you are not even trying,” Gosun grabbed her hand. “How about we go out and get fresh air okay?”

“I’ll have to see,” Ah Mee sighed. Her best friend looked at her hurtful eyes and frowned. She would love to speak with her boss about her friend and he having an affair is wrong—but no one wants to get on their boss’s bad side.


Yunho did not come out of his office to eat lunch. In fact, he didn’t even remember to go get Ah Mee and take leave for lunch. Yunho thought of the familiar face of the unknown guy that he always sees around Jaejoong. Believe it or not, yesterday he had a nightmare of them two making out behind the school.  Yunho’s eyebrows furrowed. Suddenly, his phone rings—

“Yes umma,” Yunho answered lazily. “I don’t think he would want to come by—he seems to be going out too much lately.” Yunho listened to his mom yapping and replied, “Okay, okay, I’ll tell him we will have lunch together.”


“Hello?” Yunho answered on the other end, “Jaejoong--”

“Oh,wait~” Changmin hand the phone to Jaejoong. “I think it’s your spouse.” Yunho heard it in the background and felt blood rushing up his face.

“Hello?” Jaejoong answered.

“I’m picking you up,”

“Why? You’re still at work.” Jaejoong asked—very curious.

“My mother invited us to lunch.” Yunho plainly stated. “I know you are out of school already so just want for me.”

“B-but--” Jaejoong didn’t get a chance to finish what he wanted to say but the line already ended. “I would have to leave…” Jaejoong frowned. “I really need a breather and now I can’t because—I have to go and make someone suffocate with me.”

“I think he’s starting to like you…” Changmin spoke bluntly. “I mean, he is contacting you—you don’t contact him anymore~”

“No, it is just his mother’s order--” Jaejoong tried not to think too much.

“I don’t think so, I think might have found a little interest in you,” Changmin stated—Jaejoong’s heart skipped.

“Stop that, if you don’t, my infatuation will start to come back.” Jaejoong flustered. The memory of an angry Yunho flashed in his head. Maybe—he is starting to like me. Jaejoong’s heart shook once again. All the hatred from the morning—and yesterday night was all gone. Jaejoong cursed himself mentally—why have he forgiven Yunho’s unkindness—Why did the hope of Yunho liking him keep growing…

Jaejoong hopped in the car after fitting his bike on the back seat.

“Put your seat belt on,” Yunho said and Jaejoong nodded and do so. “Did you have lunch yet?”

“Nope,” Jaejoong answered flatly.

“What is your problem?” Yunho said—irritated.

“I don’t have one,” Jaejoong softly replied.

“Why are you answering me with all these short and irritating words?”

“Are they…” Jaejoong whispered—which Yunho was not supposed to hear. The two men kept silent the whole ride to the restaurant. Jaejoong followed Yunho slowly behind as Yunho lead him to the restaurant. When they got there, Yunho’s parent were waiting for them already, his mother with a big smile and his dad with a grumpy look.

“Have a seat Yunho and Jaejoong,” Mrs. Jung welcomed the couple in. “Take your time to order something.” Jaejoong nodded his head and Yunho just silently look at the menu. After Jaejoong and Yunho ordered, their food, Mr. Jung spoke,

“I would like to have a word with you.” Mr. Jung looked at Yunho. Yunho knew where this is going—and it does not sound too good.

“Jaejoong-ah, is my son treating you well?” Mrs. Jung asked—cutting the cold silence between the family. Jaejoong hesitated and glanced at Yunho.

“Y-yeh,” Jaejoong smiled and answered.

When the food was served, the family ate—Jaejoong was feeling quite uncomfortable because he never had gotten used to eating with Yunho’s parent. One thing for sure is, he misses his parents in Pusan.

“Yunho,” Mr. Jung put down his spoon. “I heard you have been going out endlessly with your former girlfriend lately.”

“Yeh,” Yunho admitted—he too putdown his fork. “I have been.” Ah Mee—Yunho totally forgot about her. On no, she must be waiting for Yunho to come get her to lunch.

“I want you to stop,” Mr. Jung said with a big sigh. “This has become ridiculous. Your stories has been posted everywhere on magazines.”

“I cannot do as you wish,” Yunho stubbornly provoke. “I did what you said, and now please spare me a little.” He looks over at Jaejoong, who is now so nervous.

“When you agreed to the marriage, you agreed to not be scandalous.” Mr. Jung stated, “Thus, after one year, you may offer a divorce to your spouse.”

“I know, dad….” Yunho sighed.

Jaejoong was shocked…so he and Yunho are able to divorce after a year of marriage?

“You must stop seeing her,” Mr. Jung clearly stated. “This week, is spring break for colleges, you and Jaejoong will go down to Pusan and visit his parent.”

“I understand,” Yunho said disappointedly.


When their parent left, Yunho quickly excused himself and called Ah Mee. “Sorry, I had to go out to lunch my parent.” Yunho called to apologize for not telling Ah Mee to not wait for him. Now he feels so guilty that he has forgotten all about his loved one. “I’ll make it up to you somehow okay?”

Jaejoong sat on his seat still—shocked and in despair. “One year…” he whispered—breathlessly. Jaejoong felt his heart crushing…. And he felt like crying—this isn’t infatuation anymore. If it is…would I be hurt to hear these words….?

“Are you ready to leave yet?” Yunho came back for him and Jaejoong quickly stood up. When they got inside the car, Jaejoong massages his temples. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing…” Jaejoong sighed. “Soooo frustrating.” Jaejoong closed his eyes as he whispers. On the bright side, he will be visiting his parent this week, exciting and depressing.

A/N: Sorry no romantic scene yet! I dont want this story to seem like it is a rush XDD

I Stay In Love ch3


Prologue: http://masterjaeuknow.livejournal.com/18492.html

Chapter 1 : http://masterjaeuknow.livejournal.com/18725.html

Chapter 2: http://masterjaeuknow.livejournal.com/19323.html

Chapter 3

“Changmin,” Jaejoong broke the silence~ while the two boys were eating lunch awkwardly under the trees in the field.

“Yeh?” Changmin looked at Jaejoong’s eyes. They were sad, just as he has imagined. Changmin has felt so guilty that he had told Jaejoong that his spouse has an affair. Siwon scolded him yesterday night and dare him not to ever tell Jaejoong anymore news about Yunho and the work place.

“Can you,” Jaejoong spoke again, this time he looked out into the field. “Can you send me information about Yunho….?”

“Wha?—eh, I can’t—I mean, what if all that I’m telling you is just lies?!” Changmin exclaimed.

“Please--” Jaejoong’s tears begin to roll down his cheeks. “I-I just want to know what he’s doing….” He bared his face in his palms. Changmin, speechless and just patted his friend’s head.

“Okay, I will, but you have to promise you won’t tell him that I told you.” Changmin put his arm around his friend’s shoulder. “Chill man, you are making me sad too! Let’s ditch and go shopping! I know the best places!”


Ah Mee sat quietly on her chair as she hear chit chats and murmurs about her having an affair with her boss, such a disgraceful woman and such. She frowned—but yet endured all those hurtful words. I met him first….and fell in love with him first…why—why did this happen to me…

“Ah Mee,” Yunho came to her desk, “Ah Mee,” He flicked her forehead gently. She was surprised and was taken aback.

“Y-Yunho-yah~” She pouted—

“Let’s go out to have lunch today,” Yunho’s smiled at her, he has always been known for his smiles. She smiled back and they took off—whispers spread across the room as the star-crossed lovers walked down the hall with no shame.

Yunho and Ah Mee decided that they will go out to the mall and have lunch there. It is always refreshing to go shopping once in a while to release some stress—so they did. Ah Mee and Yunho walked down from shops to shops yet the two lovers bought nothing. Just relaxing and holding hands.

“Yunho, I’m hungry now.” Ah Mee whined and Yungo chuckled.

“Right, I forgot all about food.” Yunho look at the time and said, “It’s about time we grab something to eat~”

“Wait here for me; I need to use the bathroom first.” Ah Mee left Yunho standing and waiting while she walks herself to the bathroom. Yunho sighed and look at the food court. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice.

“Eh?—Changmin-nim, please stop teasing me!” Jaejoong blushed and pushed Changmin.

“What? It is very adorable--” Changmin smirked and poked Jaejoong’s cheek. “Come on, let’s go get it for you. I’d love to see you have one.” Changmin grabbed Jaejoong’s shoulders and pulled him into a shop—right before they enter, Changmin whispered into Jaejoong’s ear which made Jaejoong giggled and blushed.

The sight of his spouse suddenly taunts him. A little tingly feeling was left in him when he saw Jaejoong’s flushed face, it was—different, he was carefree and laughing. It was actually really cute to see this side of Jaejoong. While there is a tingly sensation of seeing Jaejoong’s face, there is a slight feeling of uneasiness in him. The fact that Jaejoong did not see him in front of them, Yunho’s heart raced a bit.

Without him noticing, Yunho himself has already followed Jaejoong and the familiar stranger into the shop, Hot Topic. He looked at how Jaejoong laughed when he picked up a Pikachu plush.

“This is so cute!! Min, I love it!” Jaejoong hugged Changmin really hard.

“I knew it, see; you should go out with me often.” Changmin has a victory face on, all proud.

“We should go out all the time!” Jaejoong screamed. “Wait, let me call Yunho and tell him I won’t be home until later. Let’s go to the movies~!”

“Wouldn’t he be pissed that his spouse is going out with someone else?” Changmin pretended to be curious~

“Why would I care?” Jaejoong scoffed—yet it hurt him just saying so. He quickly dialed the company number, “Hello, this is Jung Jaejoong, Please inform Yunho that I would not need him to pick me up after school, I will be doing a big project with some classmates of mine. Thank you so much.”

“You sure—he wouldn’t look for you?” Changmin said, now feeling uneasy.

“Of course not, even if I went and slept with someone.” Jaejoong took the joke too far, ops, he thought.

Yunho from afar felt a little chill—Jaejoong lied. Then his cell phone rang and it was Ah Mee.

“Yunho!” Ah Mee walked towards Yunho, “Where were you?”

“Sorry I was looking at some—thing.” Yunho scratched his head. “What do you want to eat?”


“I love this movie!” Jaejoong screamed after Changmin and he got out of the theatre.

“Me too! I haven’t come here for so long!”  Changmin exclaimed. “Siwon has not taken me anywhere since his boss was married.”

“Changmin, I wish I never Yunho sshi.” Jaejoong sighed. “I wish I never did….”

“Well, if you didn’t meet him, you wouldn’t be going out with me right now~” Changmin said.

“Right! So positive thinking only!” Jaejoong smiled—


When Jaejoong and Changmin were laughing outside the theatre, Yunho, sat in the living room thinking to himself. “He’s really going to date someone? So soon?” Yunho thought to himself, the fact that Jaejoong was gay disgusted him—but the first time he met Jaejoong, he was pulled down by his beauty.

He has never told anyone this but his heart, was at discontent after the day he has met Jaejoong. Sure he was cold—angry and vicious because he was about to lose the love of his life for some stranger—but Jaejoong’s face—was way too attractive. Yunho remembered when his heart raced, trying to tell Jaejoong to back off and stop the marriage. He remembered his voice shaking when he told Jaejoong he is already 25 years old.

Why isn’t he home yet? Is he really…F—sleeping with that boy? Yunho sat in silence—he was a bit nervous yet he does not know why. Well, he came to the conclusion that it was partly his fault because he has come on harsh to the poor boy. His thoughts trailed to gay stories, where softer men will give in to others because they are hurt and sad—Yunho picked up his phone and dialed Jaejoong’s number as fast as possible.

“I don’t know this number-” Jaejoong said, questioningly to Changmin as they wait for Siwon.

“Well, pick it up? Or not?”

“No, I shouldn’t.” Jaejoong ignored the call. Then a call came back on~~Same number. “Oh, ill answer.”

“Yoboseyo?” Jaejoong’s sweet voice at the other end made Yunho felt funny. “Yoboseyo?”

“A-ah, Jaejoong Sshi,” Yunho muttered out. “This is Yunho.”

“A-ah--” Jaejoong’s breath was taken away. “Yunho sshi--”

“Why haven’t you come home yet?” Yunho started to yell at him. “Do you know how late it is?! Do you have any idea where your home is?!”  

“I-I am planning to sleep over at a friend’s place--”

“Which theatre are you at! I am picking you up right now!”

“No-noooo~” Jaejoong peeked at Changmin with a nervous look—“I will have my friend send me home.” Jaejoong shut his phone off right after he hung up. “He’s looking for me.” Jaejoong frowned. “He knows I’m not at school.”


Siwon dropped Jaejoong off at his home. When Jaejoong opened the door, it was all dark inside so he sneaked inside as quietly as he can. And suddenly the lights came on, “Ah~!” Jaejoong jumped back.

“Where have you been?” Yunho said calmly, yet coldly. “I said where have you been!” Yunho shouted.

“I-I was with a friend--” Jaejoong swallowed hard—

“Why did you ditch school?! I took you to school thinking you were there! And you have to lie to me?!”

“I’m sorry—Yunho sshi, I can explain--”

“Explain what?—that you went out looking for other dicks?”

Offened… Jaejoong madly shouted, “That’s right! What do you have to do with this?!” Jaejoong stomped to the bed room and slammed the door shut. Stupid Yunho, he thinks he have the right to do whatever he wants, but I don’t?

Yunho face palmed himself—what was he thinking. So what if Jaejoong wanted other men? It is not like Yunho can provide whatever Jaejoong wanted to him. Life is so ridiculous sometimes. Yunho felt like banging his head on his wall sometimes yet he didn’t do that.

`` TBC

Rainbow Romance 1/3

Title: Rainbow Romance
Genre: Romance
Date: November
Length: Short—
Author: Uknow Master Minnie Jae—[[Master Baka_chan]]

A small body was thrust into the wall and a large impact was made as the body crash with the wall. The rain washed them both as the umbrella covering both bodies harshly plummet to the hard concrete.--

He was hounding me— when we were 5…..

I still don’t get it. I never did anything wrong to him but he just doesn’t like me much. And I thought we were cousins…..

“Still think that you’re cool?” he whispered into the smaller boy’s ear.

“I never said I was--” the smaller boy whimper as his tears slips and slides out.

“Shut the Fuck up.” He said as he grinds his teeth together in the coldness.

“OW!!--I’m telling mom!—OW!”

“So?—Aunty wouldn’t say anything because I’m her sister’s son. CRY BABY!”

Even today—he’s still the same.

“Stop it!” Jaejoong pushed Yunho away and tried to run but Yunho grabbed his arm.

“Running away doesn’t make any difference Jaejoong; we’re going to the same house.” Yunho squeezed his arm and he whines and jerked his arm.

“Stupid Yunho!--” He grabbed Yunho hand and bites—

“Ow—you idiot!” Yunho pushed Jaejoong to the ground and he landed on his butt. Jaejoong quickly stood up and ran as fast as he can and Yunho was chasing him along.

Jaejoong tried running as fast as he can through the alley way. Yunho was right on back of him chasing him like he stole something from him.

“JAEJOONG!! You better stop right now! Or when I get you—you’re going to feel sorry for running!”

“I don’t care you GAY-ass!” He yelled back and sped up his pace.

“You better keep your words!” Yunho yelled from behind through the rain.
“You’re wet honey--” Yunho’s mother said as Jaejoong barged into the house.

“It was raining--” Jaejoong explained and she nodded and handed him a dry towel.

“You better get change or you’ll get sick. Where’s Yunho?” the asked and at the same time, Yunho swung the door open and just walk madly right into his and Jae’s room.

“Is he alright?—what happened? Did you two have another fight?”

“No—not exactly—to the first, second, and third question.” Jaejoong answered and walked into the bathroom. “Stupid Yunho—made me dropped the umbrella. Hm, I should safety pin my towel for safety.” Jaejoong washed up and put the towel around his waist and one of his shoulders and walked out.

“Jaejoong-ah, you and Yunho stay tonight, your parents and us are having an important meeting. They said it was urgent. Your parents are there already.”

“What—can I go?” Jaejoong said desperately.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t. See you, if you want something to eat, find something in the fridge to cook.” She said and left. Jaejoong stood there dumbfound.

“Man—I’m dead meat.” He scowls and mutters under his breath. Then she took a glance at his room and then back at the pale wall in front of him and sighs. Then he walked slowly to his room and opened the door.

Jaejoong walked silently into the room and over to the closet. Yunho glare at him every step he took. When Jaejoong opened the closet door, Yunho slowly stood up. Jaejoong walked into the closet and closed the door behind him and started looking at his clothes and Yunho barged in.

“Stupid Kim Jaejoong.” Yunho pushed him down to one of the cloth basket and jumped on top of him and clash his lips onto Jaejoong’s and tried to squeeze his tongue into Jae’s opening.

“!!!” Jaejoong forced Yunho upward and tried to run out but Yunho pulled him back downward and spin him to the ground and attached their lips again. It looks as if Yunho was swallowing up his whole mouth. “Quit it you freak!” Jaejoong screamed at the top of his lung as Yunho travels his tongue down his neck line.

“Stop licking me!” Jaejoong cried out and tried to drive Yunho as hard as he can. “Stop!” He screamed and tears began to roll down his cheeks. But the other guy doesn’t give a thing. Now he’s biting and leaving red marks of his on the pale skin before him.

“What did you do—safety pin your towel?” Yunho rolled his eyes as he tries to take off the safety pins.

“NO!!” Jaejoong made an impulsion and cried louder. Yunho stared at his face stream with tears and lift his body and threw him on the bed.

He streaks the towel off and all the safety pin opened as he triggered. The he careless threw the towel on the floor and pinned Jaejoong on the bed.

“Do you seriously hate me that much?” Yunho whispered into Jaejoong’s ear. But all that came out from his mouth was a crying sound that he will hear every time he sleeps with him. “Tell me.”

The smaller boy nodded his head unwillingly at the grip of the other boy’s. When Yunho shut his eyes and sat up aside from Jaejoong and then stared at him, he shook his head no. he was in limbo. Yes—and –no?? Then he nodded again.

“Heh,” Yunho smirked and planted a kiss on Jaejoong’s lips. “I don’t care if you hate me.”

“Stop doing this to me…” Jaejoong said in an undertone with his cry. “I don’t like you because you do this to me--”

Yunho and Jaejoong sat at each end of the bed in silence for a long time.

“But I like you….a lot….” Yunho said before leaving.

Yunho sigh and stop staring at Jaejoong and threw the blanket over Jaejoong and walk out. Maybe he could’ve liked me if I never done this to him? But I thought it was fun….so he never liked me…..I should change….


Like a Plague 2

Like a Plague

Pairing: YunJae
WARNED: Foul Language
Summary: They always say, there is a thin line between love and hate. The incline society of two extremities of two high school students starts to emerge. Jung Yunho is known and fear for his cold-hearted attitude. Kim Jaejoong a perfect student. Just perfect for school material.

He tells me I’m ugly, but I love him.

Chapter 2

“Hyung, you can stop crying now.” Junsu patted Jaejoong’s back. “It’s okay,”

“H-he just spit on my face!” Jaejoong’s lips pouted as his tears tremble down his face. “T-then he called me a—a –female dog!”

“He’s not the brightest kid in school Jaejoong.” Junsu said to cheer his friend up. Junsu stuff more of Jaejoong’s food in his mouth. “You know, you’re a really good cook.” Junsu said in between his masticating process. Jaejoong pulled his bento closer to him and sniffs. “Cheer up,”

“Aish, this fuck is like a fucking germ.” Yunho sarcastically sighs. He turns to look at his friends and they all were smirking. Jaejoong and Junsu both stared at them. They both trembled and pack their bags and stuffing them in their arms. This is how the cafeteria works, If Jung Yunho’s gang want which table, you better move your ass. That’s what exactly they did. “Wait,” Yunho called before Jaejoong walk just pass him. Jaejoong stood there at the order, still and intimidated. Yunho’s hand reached for the lunch box. Pull it from Jaejoong’s arm and pushed Jaejoong away.

“Fucking pussies.” Yoochun snickered. The others chuckled along with them and they took their seats.

Jaejoong then ran after Junsu out of the cafeteria.

“Can I have some?” Yoochun asked leaning against Yunho.


“Why?” Yoochun whined. His fingers tiptoe across the table. Yunho slap his fingers with his chopstick. “Yah—I want some too!”

“Sharing is caring,” Siwon sarcastically says. They all laughed.

“Your point is?” Yunho smirked.

"Why do you always take his food?" Siwon raised a brow. "Eversince you noticed him, it's like he's always picked on by you."

"Iono, he looks bully-able." Yunho shrugs his shoulder.

"Uh, do you by any chance like guys?" Kibum asked with a nervous voice. Yunho looked up from eating--piercing eyes.

"Well, I'm just curious~~ you did said he looked gay."

Yunho looked back down and continues eating.

"Okay, fine, choose not to answer then." Kibum forked his salad. "We're friends anyways. It's cool to let us know."

"Are you assuming I'm gay?"

"What? NO! nooo, I was just saying~" Kibum snorted. "Cause you know, I'll tell you all everything I have in mind."

"Uh, lies~" Yoochun rolled his eyes. "You dated Fat-Dong's sister and you didn't tell us. So Siwon hit on her~"

"Fuck--Yoochun, that was a secret!"

"WTF?" Kibum widen his eyes~

"I'm done," Yunho stood up and walked away.
So then again, the cold prince of the school is walking in the rain. Unfortunately this was not a story where the kick ass guy in the school drives a Alé. Whatever that was or a Nissan 300ZX twin turbo. It's just a plain, high school student life with various of mix and matches.

Jaejoong, it's like he's totally unfortunate or what? No, not that much coincidence, it's just that they happened to use the same route home. Jaejoong trailed slooooowly behind Yunho because he was SCARED. Why not? That boy has punked you, took your lunch, say numerous rude things, and even spit on your face. Jaejoong shivered as the thoughts occupied his head.

Suddenly, Jung Yunho from ahead stopped. Jaejoong stopped abruptly too. His heart almost did as well. For a few seconds, Jung Yunho looked back at him coolly. Jaejoong's hand on the umbrella stiffen. He pretended looking away and walked on. Yunho looked at him intensely and let him passed Yunho. When Jaejoong passed Yunho with nothing happening, he shut his eyes tight thinking what can Yunho do to him from behind. He waited but nothing happened.

Yunho stared at the back of the slender boy in his school. It kept him wondering why the hell is he bullying that guy. He's just a guy in the school. His heart raced. And believe it, Jung Yunho actually has feelings. Something melted from this ice barrier guy. Damn fucking Kibum. Yunho keep staring until the petite figure disappeared.
Unfortunate or what? Jaejoong met Yunho on the way to school. Jaejoong pretend to not see. Maybe he'd slip by like yesterday right? Not until Yunho kick some water to him. Jaejoong stopped and dust his pant.

“Borrow your umbrella.” Yunho said. Jaejoong stare back at him unbelievable. He’s already soaking wet. Jaejoong handed it to him and Yunho took it.

Yunho and Jaejoong were walking in the rain because Yunho decided to ‘borrow’ Jaejoong’s umbrella and then play with it and wreck it.

“You two go change into your PE clothes.” The teacher disappointedly says. Jaejoong apologized and walked to the locker room. Yunho followed.

“Hey fag,” Yunho called after Jaejoong and Jaejoong didn’t stop. He kept on walking faster and faster away. Yunho kicked the back of Jaejoong’s leg.

“You’re fucking nothing.” Yunho said it to his face. “You’re fucking weak and stupid.” Jaejoong’s heart stopped beating for a slight second. Yunho stare lazily at Jaejoong’s back.

“Turn around!” Jaejoong screamed. Yunho chuckled and turned back around. “Don’t look back!” Jaejoong look behind his back just incase. He quickly took off his shirt and pants and put on his PE shirt.

“Opps,” Yunho turned around with an innocent smile on his face. Jaejoong screamed in horror. He quickly grabbed his backpack and through it towards Yunho. He pulled his shirt down to cover him.

“Turn around!” Jaejoong screamed. Yunho laughed and walk towards Jaejoong. Jaejoong panicked and picked his broken umbrella and threw it at Yunho. “Don’t look! AHHHHH!!!!”

Yunho smiled and walk forward until Jaejoong was trapped between the lockers and him. “Reverse psychology, Jaejoong. Why are you so scared?” Yunho grabbed Jaejoong’s waist and pulled Jaejoong to him.

“Let go of me—you--” Jaejoong pushed Yunho away from him. “You’re getting my shirt wet!” Jaejoong came up with an excuse.

“What’s wrong?” Yunho asked. “You don’t like me?”

“Move!” Jaejoong pushed Yunho away and wore his PE short really fast.

“You’re funny,” Yunho said to Jaejoong. “Stupid and weak.” Yunho pushed Jaejoong until he almost tumbles back. Yunho pulled him back. “Insult me back,” he said. “What? You can’t? Too scared?” Yunho chuckled. He studied Jaejoong’s face for a moment. “Your mom must’ve been lesbian. Why do you look like a girl?”

"Uh--um~" Jaejoong looked back--still stuttering.

"Insult me,"

“Y-you’re ugly! Stupid!--” Jaejoong pushed Yunho. He insulted Jaejoong’s mom—and that insults him. “I hate you!”

“Ouch,” Yunho held a hand on over his heart. “You’re so cute, can I call you Joongie?”

“Leave me alone!” Jaejoong pushes pass Yunho.

“I’ll see you in class.” Yunho smirked.


“Okay Joongie.” Yunho smiled and took off his blazer and blouse. Jaejoong gulp at the six packs. Jaejoong turned around and left the room. Minutes later Yunho came back to class. Sitting just right behind Jaejoong, Jaejoong felt his hair standing.

“Joongie,” Yunho whispered into Jaejoong’s ear. Jaejoong shuddered—Joongie?! Jaejoong turned around. “Joongie,”

“Stop calling me that!” Jaejoong hissed back.

“Mr. Lee, Jaejoong’s bothering me!” Yunho called out.

“Jaejoong—pay attention!” the teacher yelled. Jaejoong apologized and turned back around. Yunho has a satisfying smirk on his face.

“Joongie,” Yunho whispered again. Jaejoong didn’t bother turning around. Yunho decided to play dart with Jaejoong’s neck and keep on throwing his mechanical pencil on Jaejoong’s nape. Poke, poke, and poke.

When the bell rings, Jaejoong walked out and away from Yunho. But doubt that, Yunho grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Why am I ugly? Joongie.” Yunho asked.

“I’m not Joongie.” Jaejoong said.

“You didn’t answer my question, Joongie.” Yunho give a light pout on his lips.

“I-I--” Jaejoong stuttered. “You--”

“Fine, don’t answer me now.” Yunho walked out of the classroom.

lips.of.an.Angel Chapter 10

Title:Lips.of.an.Angel [GAY]
Author(s): Master baka_chan MBC

Yunho: Hot-ass
Jaejoong: Babe-ass
Junsu: The Thing
Yoochun: The shit
Changmin: The nobody

SUMMARY: Yunho is a hot ass in his school. Jaejoong is a kick-ass looking man's woman-man--Junsu is a beautiful gay guy--Changmin is a damn straight guy with no orientation--but hangs out with Yunho and Yoochun--the shit.

"22 ways to know he's Mr. Right." Yunho read out loud.

1. He takes interest in your hobbies and pastimes

2. He has pride in his appearance

3. He give thoughtful gifts and inventive.


"What are you doing?" Changmin pulled away the newspaper from Yunho's hand.

"It's nothing--" Yunho stammer before snatching it back.

"Mr. Right?" Changmin raised a brow. "What the heck is this crap?"

"It's a magazine--you didn't need to understand." Yunho pouted.

"If he loves you, you don't need any requirements." Changmin stated. Which is only true--RIGHT?? Right?? [Sometimes,]

"Well, this is a start out." Yunho smiled and continued on reading. "9. He flosses--wth, which guy doesn’t?!"

"I don’t know, bums?"

"Gah, that's nasty." Yunho shake body and then focus back on the magazine.

"I think you're over doing things Yunho," Changmin looked into his book. "It's a weird confession how he says it. Plus if he doesn't even want to do things with you--do you even think he likes you?"

"He likes me," Yunho smiled. "Only I like him more."

"They say to date someone that likes you more than you like them."

"That makes sense; Jaejoong understood that I love him so much." Gosh this must be the stupidest person Changmin has encountered.

"I'm sure you're blinded by the one-sided love..." Changmin shook his head and walked away.


"Hii," Yunho greeted Jaejoong first thing when Jaejoong walked out of his class.

"Wassup," Jaejoong gave that whatever look to him.

"Do you want to do anything this evening?"

"I don’t know." Jaejoong yawned.

"What's your favorite thing to do?"

"Sleep," Jaejoong answered boredly.

"Okay, let's go sleep!" Yunho said pulling Jaejoong towards his car.

"Ey! What are you doing?!" Jaejoong jerk his hand away.

"Let's go to my dorm, I'm taking interest in your hobby."

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Jaejoong dumbfounded followed Yunho into the car.


"Aren't you going to lay down?" Yunho asked. He was lying down on the bed on his side with his elbow supporting his upper body weight.

"Ah......." Jaejoong stared at Yunho clueless and hesitantly walked to the bed. "What are we doing?"

"We're doing your hobby." Yunho answered. "You said sleeping is your hobby."

“We, not at this time--” Jaejoong turned to Yunho. “What are you ‘taking interest’ in my hobbies for?”

“Hm?” Yunho stared back at Jaejoong. “I just felt like it.” Yunho smiled and leaned in closer towards Jaejoong. “Do you want to take ‘interest’ in my hobbies?” Yunho leaned in more with a smirk.

“No thanks,” Jaejoong pushed Yunho’s face from his and laugh. He was ready to get up from the bed but Yunho grabbed him back down by the waist. “Yah, let go of me.”

“I’m just doing my hobby.” Yunho breathe in the scent of Jaejoong’s hair. Cucumber melon. Jaejoong tried to wiggle out of Yunho’s embrace but fail. “Your hair smells nice.”

“That’s good.” Jaejoong said as he turns around to meet Yunho’s gaze.

“It’s turning me on.” Yunho teased and Jaejoong blushed. Jaejoong avoided eye contacts and immediately push Yunho’s chest away from him.

“Let go of me now.” Jaejoong pushed Yunho as hard as he possibly can.

“Can we kiss?” Yunho asked. Jaejoong looked back at him.

“I don’t know.” Jaejoong said nervously.

“Do you like me?”

“I suppose so.” Jaejoong answered. Not that satisfying to Yunho.

“I like you.” Yunho said. Jaejoong laughed childishly.

“Okay,” Jaejoong fall into Yunho’s arms and snuggle closer. “Let’s sleep.”

“Okay,” Yunho smiled and pull Jaejoong closer towards him. Jaejoong didn’t mean to really sleep, but at last, he fell asleep anyways. Yunho stared at his beautiful boyfriend for 2 hours and just running his hands through Jaejoong’s hair and face. Jaejoong shift gently coming closer to Yunho’s embrace.

“Hey,” Yunho greet Jaejoong with a smile when Jaejoong’s eyes opened.

“A-ah--” Jaejoong moved back. “Sorry I fell asleep.”

“It’s fine,” Yunho gently lay his lips on Jaejoong’s forehead. “Let’s go get something to eat.” Jaejoong blushed and sat up after Yunho stood up and stretched. “What would you like?”

“I don’t know anything should be fine.”

“That’s hard for me,” Yunho pouted. Jaejoong threw a pillow at him.

“Stop being a baby.”

“But I’m your baby.”

“Right….” Jaejoong felt goose bumps at the cheesy words. “Don’t say that, it’s scary.”

“Why is it?” Yunho looked back at Jaejoong with sad eyes.

“B-because—I don’t call people baby.” Jaejoong said. “I just refer to them by their names.”

“Can we have nicknames at least?”

“No,” Jaejoong stood up and stretch. “That’s not really… um what I like.”

“You’re no fun, Jae.”

“I didn’t tell you to date me for fun.” Jaejoong retorted.

“I’m just kidding—geez, take a joke once in a while.” Yunho rubbed Jaejoong’s arm. “Let’s go to Carl’s Jr.”

“Why? Mc Donalds better.” Jaejoong said while moving away from Yunho and taking a mental note that he should keep his guards up because Yunho has been touching him a lot lately.


Changmin said LOVE doesn’t need a ‘right’ atmosphere. But I think he’s wrong. It has to be in the right mood, time, and environment. I mean, I wouldn’t confess to Jae if we were in a shitty smelly barn house full of pigs and cow poo. Not like anyone will right? I mean, if any of you guys or gals does, yo, you outta luck.

Changmin was trying to convince me into Jae not liking me. I mean what the heck? Of course he does. He asked me out. That’s the bomb right there.

“No Yunho, I know he doesn’t.” Changmin said. “Okay, how many times did you two kiss during the past month?”

“Why do you care?”

“You know I over heard this conversation with Heechul and Siwon. Concerning Jaejoong and you.” Changmin said. “I was so shocked!”

“What DOESN’T shock you?” I said dully.

“That was mean. Anyways, I heard Jaejoong doesn’t really want to come in contact with you so he decided to have after school tutoring cancel.”


“Yeah, he doesn’t like you much.” Changmin said. “Will, you’re hard to convince. Never mind. Go with your flow and get dump.”

What is Changmin saying? Now he tells me that this is not love. Why? Was it because Jaejoong confessed in the cafeteria? But what the heck? The cafeteria wasn’t that bad. Just that it sucks because it wasn’t a romantic place to be eating. So now Jaejoong’s canceling tutoring? I’m his student. WHAT?!

“Jaejoong,” I smiled.

“What??” he stress his reply.

“Why did you cancel tutoring?”

“Because I see you everywhere! I can tutor you without that program.” Jaejoong replied. RIGHT! That’s right! Smart! This is why I love him. Stupid Changmin putting ideas in my mind.

“Oh, well you think a lot about me.”

“You wish I do.” Jaejoong grumble. “You just invade my thoughts.”

“You’re always in my thoughts.” I smiled sheepishly at him. “In and out, black and white. You’re everywhere.”

“That’s creepy.” Jaejoong shivered.

“It is?” I moved closer to him and he moved back. Why is he doing this? He’s not this shy is he? I remember him cuddling with others before. Or was it just that Changmin was right all along?

“Yes,” He answered and stood up. Something’s not right. Why is he so afraid of me? The relationship isn’t even moving fast!

“Jaejoong, I was wondering if,” I asked with a slight pause.

“No we can’t kiss.” He said.

“Um, can we hold hands?” I asked. “We’re a couple. Why are you afraid? The whole school knows.”

“I don’t like holding hands.” Jaejoong answered. See, I think I doubt this relationship as well.

“Okay, fine. Can we have see you later huggies?”

“Are you sexually requiring contacts all the time?” Jaejoong asked. Well, I kind of when I like you so damn much and I want to touch you and you’re denying all that!

“What’s the point of a relationship when you don’t want to see the other person or touching them—worst do anything with them?”

“Don’t I do all that with you? What else do you want?” he said slightly annoyed.

“You think you do all that? You really think so.” I snorted. “You don’t like me don’t you?”

“Why do you always ask that same lame question?”

“Why don’t you ever answer that lame question?”

“You know what, I’m leaving.” Jaejoong attempt to leave. I grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“You’re always running away.” I said as I pinned him against the wall. “Why?”

“Move back, you’re too close.” Jaejoong pushed me.

“I’m a guy Jaejoong. I want it. Don’t you get it?”

“S-so?” Jaejoong began to stutter. This is bad. Am I scary to him?

“Sorry Jaejoong.” I back off and pulled him into a hug. This wouldn’t speed up the relationship—it will just break us apart. Stupid me. “I’m sorry, just forget what I said.”


“I like you, and I don’t care!” Junsu shouted. Yoochun froze there not knowing what to do. What else can he do? “Do you hear me? I said I don’t care!”

“Ah, well,” Yoochun took a deep breath before talking again. “I have this chick I’m interested in. You wouldn’t come to my mind at this point.”

“So? I can still like you.” Junsu fold his arms.

“Okay,” Yoochun raised a brow. “You really want to see me with another girl?”

“It’s not that I really want to see it—it’s just that you want to do it.”

“Quit making me feel so guilty!”

“What?! I’m just saying the truth!”

“Well, don’t say it then?”


sooooo sorry for late updates...good news is, im catching up. RIght? RIITE??!!!

I Stay In Love
rate: NC-17?

“Aiyo! It’s raining!” Changmin pouted. “Hey you want a ride home?”

“It’s okay, Yunho said he was going to pick me up.”


“Yes,” Jaejoong smiled and wave to Changmin.

“Hello? Can I speak with Yunho please?”

‘Sorry, Yunho not in his office at the moment.’

“Can I leave a message?”


“Please tell Yunho to pick me up at Mavis College. I’m Kim Jaejoong and I’ll be waiting for him.”

‘Oh! Yunho’s spouse!’ the woman chuckled. ‘I’ll make sure I tell him.’

“Thank you, good bye.” Jaejoong sat under the covered front of his school. People start going home. Late class people starts coming and there was still no signs of Yunho. It was already 7 PM. 4 hours passed.


“Yunho-sshi,” the woman called. “Why are you still here? I left you a note on your desk. Your spouse called for you to pick him up at Mavis College this evening.” The woman said.

“Oh that, I saw it. I didn’t have time. Can you please call back and tell him to go home? I might take a while here too.” Yunho just walked away.

“What? Y-you--” She sighed and seat there. “How am I supposed to know his number?” She left the desk and grabbed her bag. The phone ring again and she went to pick it up. “Hello? This is EK,”

“Ah, may I speak with Yunho?”

“Ah, Yunho’s spouse? He said he’s not available at the time.”

“Oh—thank you.” Jaejoong hand up and sighed. The rain was still pouring endlessly. “Thank goodness I have spare changes from lunch.” Jaejoong ran to the closest convenience store to buy an umbrella.



“It’s still raining?” Yunho grunted and turned his car out of the parking lot. “Is he still there?” Yunho thought for a few seconds and made a left turn. He drove to Mavis College and looked around. There was no one.

“Of course he wouldn’t be here anymore.” Yunho shook his head and headed back home.

Jaejoong came out from the convenience store and started walking down the street to the subway stations. “This will be a long night.” Jaejoong said to himself.


Jaejoong turned around and looked. Park Yoochun.

“Jaejoong-sshi, are you going home?” Yoochun dashed towards Jaejoong.

“Y-yeah,” Jaejoong smiled and nodded his head.

“It’s raining, let me take you.”

“No!—um… no it’s fine.”

“Come on, it’s late. What are you doing wondering around like this?” Yoochun grabbed Jaejoong’s arm and pulled him towards his car.

“No! Yoochun-sshi!” Jaejoong refused and pulled the other way. The police car stopped in front of them.

“Is there a problem here? Do you know him?” the police asked Jaejoong. Yoochun and Jaejoong stared at each other and then he hesitantly smiles.

“N-nothing, me and my friend just—playing around. Ahaha,” Jaejoong scratch his head. “We’re about to go home now.” Jaejoong bowed. The policemen left and Jaejoong got inside the car with Yoochun.

“What did you think I was going to do?” Yoochun chuckled. “I promise I’m just going to take you home.”

“I just didn’t want to bother you,” Jaejoong answered. And some other things too.

“Oh, you’re not at all.” Yoochun laughed awkwardly. Jaejoong found it funny. He has a funny laugh.

“You can drop me off by Heaven’s Door.” Jaejoong said. “You know where that shop is don’t you?”

“Yeah, of course!” Yoochun laugh again. “Why? You leave near there?”

“Ah, yes,” Jaejoong answered. If you call 70 minutes near. And I am not about to tell him where I live.

“Say, you know I asked you out last week,” Yoochun said. “Are you available?”

“No, I’m sorry. I’m really busy.” Jaejoong answered.

“Owh~ then next time I guess.” Yoochun smiled.

When they arrived there, Jaejoong thanked Yoochun and left. Yoochun smiled and made a U turn and left. And Yunho’s car come pass. “Yunho?” Jaejoong looked at the car. He just got home too huh? Jaejoong sighed and keep walking until he reached the house.

Jaejoong took the stairs slowly up. He was so tire. Everything was tiring. I’ll skip dinner if he doesn’t want dinner. Jaejoong took out his keys and open the door.

“Sorry I’m late,” Jaejoong said. “Did you want dinner?”

Yunho didn’t reply but just left the living room and walk to the bedroom. Jaejoong sighed. “I guess that’s a no.” Jaejoong mumbles to himself and took his shoes off. He walked to the room to grab a boxer and an oversize white t-shirt. He walked to the bathroom and took a shower.

When Jaejoong came back, Yunho already fell asleep on his other half of the bed. There was a big stuff caterpillar in the middle of the bed. Jaejoong smiled and leaned over Yunho and kissed his forehead. “I love you,” Jaejoong mouthed and walked back to his side of the bed and lay next to Yunho.



“You said your friend works at my spouse’s company?” Jaejoong said. It was the third day Jaejoong have known him and he has been hanging out with Changmin quite a lot.

“Yeah, his dad does too! His dad’s Mr. Choi, Yunho’s father’s personal assistant. And Siwon works as Yunho’s assistance.”

“Oh,” Jaejoong smiled. “That’s nice to know.”

“Siwon always brings stories about his work place to tell me every night.” Changmin smiled. “They’re always so overly exaggerating—I think he lies about them.”


“Yeah! Like the one that Yunho has a girlfriend in there and they stick like leeches! I think he’s lying because you’re Yunho’s spouse! You’re too cute, Yunho wouldn’t do that would he?”



Yunho walked into the house and place his phone on the coffee table.

“How was your day?” Jaejoong smiled. Yunho glanced at him once before yawning. “Can I ask you a question?”

“I’m tire.” Yunho said and turned on the TV.

“Yunho, do you want me to put on a warm bath for you?”

“No, I can do that myself.”

“Do you want dinner? I made kimchi--”

“No, I ate before I came.”

Jaejoong took a deep breath before the jealousy overrides him. He didn’t want to say it was Yunho’s girlfriend. Because if he ever did, Jaejoong wished he was wrong. “Is it with your company? Was it with your friends?”

Yunho’s gaze met Jaejoong’s nervous orbs. “You don’t need to know who I see.”

“Oh—well I was just thinking, if--”

“If what Jaejoong?” Yunho spoke in between Jaejoong’s words.

“I-I heard you have a girlfriend in your company--” Please, let me be wrong. Yell at me, tell me I’m thinking too much. Tell me I shouldn’t believe other people.

“I’ve always did.”

“Why are you doing this? You’re married--”

“I met her before I married you.” Yunho said. “And I was with her before I was stuck here.” Yunho turned his attention to the TV. “Does that answer your curiosity. So stop asking me, I told you before, we do whatever in our lives and you don’t have to tell me what you do and I don’t have to tell you what I do.”

“You mean—you’re allowing date… outside of our relationship?” Jaejoong’s weak voice strained as the words came out.

“You’re allowed too.” Yunho said. Jaejoong shook his head in disbelieve. “For now on, you don’t have to leave little lame notes behind because I don’t even touch them. And please, it will be helpful if you don’t show up at my workplace with those embarrassing bento. I don’t like those. I told you. I hate them.”

“I’ll make sure I don’t—“

“And stop sticking your nose up my business; it’s very disturbing to know someone’s always watching my back when I don’t like that person.”

Jaejoong felt like someone has grabbed his heart, squeezed it and has stomp on it. He hesitantly moved back to the kitchen and clears the table before walking himself to the guest room and locking himself up. The authorities of Yunho’s words kill him slowly and slowly inside every time. It made him lost his appetite.

Jaejoong buried his face in his knees and cried. He bites his own hands from crying out loud. He’ll love you; he’ll love you some day too. Jaejoong tells himself everyday.
A/N: lol, its not totally all horrible...later. lol.


Like a Plague 1

Like a Plague

Pairing: YunJae

WARNED: Foul Language

Summary: They always say, there is a thin line between love and hate. The incline society of two extremities of two high school students starts to emerge. Jung Yunho is known and fear for his cold-hearted attitude. Kim Jaejoong a perfect student. Just perfect for school material.

He tells me I’m ugly, but I love him.


Cold hearted suppose to mean having no feelings for the needs of other. And that is what exactly this boy is. No one knew why he’s this way. He was just born, born a Lucifer. He’d give anyone the chill even if he’s behind cold metal bars. Be aware if you’re ever his target. Jung Yunho. No one dare to disrespect him. And no one dare to confront him. And last but not least, no one, NONE ever dare to avoid him.

His may be consist of ten thousand wrath of bubble gums, burning charcoals, guns, canons, and other weird crap people says. Once he sees you, there is no escape. That bubble gum is going to stick to you. Burn you in the charcoal. Hold you at freeze with his guns and canons.

Oh all that must just be people bluffing. No one can be that scary. And if you believe so, meet the untouchables. Jung Yunho and his gang.

“Hey, Yunho,” Yoochun called his best friend, who seemed to be in a little daze but seems like he’s in deep meat-eating thoughts. “Yunho,” Yoochun nudged his friend’s side.

“What?” Yunho turned his attention to Yoochun. His eyes stray from a feminine figure from across the field.

“Nothing, you keep staring.” Yoochun smirked. Yunho’s face’s expression didn’t change.

“You know that man across the field.” Yunho pointed over. Yoochun, Siwon, and Changmin all looked. “He looks gay.”

“And what about that?” They all said. It’s a mystery sometimes when Yunho says things out of nowhere.

“Nothing,” he replies to his friends. They all looked at him puzzle. They all look at the figure again then back at Yunho.

“He’s the teacher’s pet, Kim Jaejoong.” Changmin said. “Sits right in front of you in chemistry.”

“Heh, really?”

“We’re all juniors.” Yoochun shrugs his shoulder. “You seriously haven’t heard of him?”

“No,” Yunho closed his eyes and lay back down on the grass. “Not really interested.”

Jung Yunho and his friends were sitting on the patio. Saw motion plays everyday. His friends playing cards and Jung Yunho the less active in card games just sits and stare. For real, Jung Yunho was card Master and he’d beat them all at any game. He needn’t play with them to interfere. So he was known for being less active because he was too good. Facility, that’s what he got.

When his eyes were caught on something stunning, he smirked. His friends weren’t paying much attention. Neither did the ‘stunning’ or his friend notice that foxy look on Yunho’s face. Yunho swing his backpack back and, THUD. The bag drop.

“I’m sorry,” Jaejoong bowed. He didn’t mean to. He didn’t mean to do that at all. But it wasn’t his fault was it? Jung Yunho hit him. Why the heck is he apologizing? The gang stopped playing cards and all look at Jaejoong and Junsu. “I-I didn’t see---you—um—your bag in the air--” his face flush from fright and embarrassment.

“They seriously need another side of school for nerds.” Yoochun commented and rubbed his temples gently. Kim Junsu stared back and glared. “What? Feel hurt?” Yoochun smirked and started laughing.

“Aww, how sad,” Siwon pouted.

Jaejoong and Junsu stood their holding their breath.

“Pick it up.” Yunho lazily said as his eyes were closed and he was laying elbow style on the grass. Jaejoong’s hands trembles as they reach down to pick up the bag. Jaejoong and Junsu bowed a couple times before racing away.

“Fucking idiots.” Siwon scoffed.

“It’s funny,” Yoochun said. “Everyone got that same expression when they look at us.”

“Heh,” Yunho lay back down on the grass and closed his eyes.




No rainbows. There was just a shower outside the old building called, ‘school’. Dark clouds, wet grounds and cold air. But there was no rainbow. Then it started to rain again. Kim Jaejoong, he walked into the rain holding an umbrella and his book bag. He’s not really a nerd, nor was he really fashionable. He’s just a boy in his school. Just like everyone else, but he’s so school material. Just like every other boy, but he was pretty. Very pretty that some envies his features.

Jaejoong walked pass the crowd and into the shelter. He shakes the rain off his umbrella. “Watch it hypocrite.” Jaejoong was splashing the rain on to a certain someone.

“Sorry, did I get you?” Jaejoong turned to look. The person stood there with a cold look despite the weather having to do anything with it. It was Jung Yunho. Of course no one expects anything good from this guy. He’s the shut caller. He says shut up and everyone better shut the hell up for their own good.

“Whachu think?” Jung Yunho glared back with his head high in the air. Jung Yunho is the cool type of person. He’s known for the cold-hearted mysterious aura. Fashionable, yes. Friends, yes. Fame, yes. Facility, yes. He can belong in the F4 or something. He doesn’t usually talk when he doesn’t know the person. But this was not the first time Jaejoong bump into trouble.

“I’m sorry,” Jaejoong took a step forward and was about to wipe the water off the other’s jacket. Yunho moved back and warned Jaejoong not to touch him by an intense stare.

“You think sorry is going to cut it.” He made it sound more like a statement than a question. Even if it were a question, it’d be rhetorical anyways.

“Excuse me?” Jaejoong stared at Jung Yunho unbelievably. “I said I was sorry.”

Jung Yunho chuckled. It’s not that simple—he wasn’t really laughing but demoniacally warning Jaejoong that he just snapped the last straw. Jaejoong shut his eyes immediately when he felt the sticky substance on his face. Jung Yunho has spit on his face.

“Bitch,” Yunho said before walking away deep into the rain. He’s getting his ass wet anyways. Why the hell did he have to pick on Jaejoong? No reason. This is how the system works. Prejudicial was common. Jaejoong’s hand rises up to wipe the spit off his face. He started crying. This was the first time, the very first time Jung Yunho actually did something out of the ten times they see each other in the hall. Never once did he had someone spit on his face.




I stay in Love 1

I Stay In Love





Forever story


Prologue: http://masterjaeuknow.livejournal.com/18492.html

Chapter 1:

“Listen Yunho, this was never because of who deserves what.” Siwon says to his best friend. “It’s not what you want. It’s what you need. People don’t realize what they need over what they want.”



“All I’ll ever need is her.” Yunho confirmed. “Trust me Siwon. I know what I need.”


“No, no,” Siwon wiggles his pointer. “You want to be with her. You didn’t need to be with her. You didn’t want to marry Kim Jaejoong. But you need to marry Kim Jaejoong.”


“I do NOT need to marry that rich brat Siwon! Why’s that you and Kibum has to go against me?!” Yunho raised his voice. “Do you know how old he is?! He’s goddamn 17! SEVENTEEN!”


“It’s alright; he’ll grow older in years.” Siwon comfort his best buddy. “You know that it’s really his choice. I’ll advice you something. If you fail in making him like you this date, you can convince him to end the marriage.”



A little café down the main square, a young pulchritudinous man awaits for his date. In a fine suit and nicely polished leather lugs, he peers out the wide pane in front of him.     


“Hello,” a younger boy walks up to him. “I’m Kim Jaejoong, nice to meet you.”


“Take a seat,” the older man spoke. His voice was low and husky. Jaejoong bowed before taking his seat across the man. Jaejoong gaze around the area, Jung Yunho knows how to choose fine environments. A little table just for two out in the opening of the big glass wall where one is able to see the beautiful scene of the shopping center.


“Did you wait long?” Jaejoong politely asked with a generous smile. That was the first time Jung Yunho looked at him, and he, was beautiful beyond words. Those round eyes had glitter. His raven tresses hang freely around his facial region and tracing his long neck down to his shoulders. His lips were like promiscuously hot red. 


“You took your time,” Yunho replied plainly avoiding eye contacts. Strange enough, Yunho finds he should be a little more cautious. Jaejoong found this very odd how Yunho would indirectly insult him. But he pushed that aside, assuming Yunho probably didn’t mean harm.


“Sorry,” Jaejoong apologized. “Well, shall we order?” he opens the menu and fixes his eyes on menu. “It’s early, I’ll get a cappuccino. What would you like?”


“Coffee would be fine,” Yunho replied. Jaejoong find it rather interesting how Yunho is and to Yunho vice versa.


“One cappuccino and coffee please,” Jaejoong says as the waiter takes the order. “Thank you,” as he left, Jaejoong intend to ask more questions. He wants to know all about this man. “So, what do you think about this café?”


“Very formal,” Yunho answered.


“I think it’s very calm. It gives the feeling of relaxation, don’t you think?” Jaejoong chuckled. Yunho looked at him again. “It endures intelligence of the designer, very placating.”


“Intelligence is the knife to key dominant.” Jung Yunho says relaxing his back on the furniture. “It’s only standard to give special attention to customers.”


“You’re quite poetic, Mr. Jung.” Jaejoong smiled. “I can tell you love to read don’t you?”


“It becomes a hobby if you begin reading before grade school.”


“Ah,” Jaejoong smiled some more. “So have you heard of ‘Of Mice and Men’? It’s really worth reading. Really thin book, but that never lowers the quality.”


“John Steinbeck, his are quite interesting.”


A while the waiter arrives with their orders. Jaejoong never did stop talking. He’s a boy with words growing in his mouth by the matter of seconds. Blunt, some says.


“You can back out now,” Yunho said out of the blue when Jaejoong was drinking. Jaejoong looked up at him, surprised and confused. “You didn’t have to marry me,”


“I-I’m fine with it,” Jaejoong answered shyly. Yunho looked away from Jaejoong.


“How old are you?”


“S-seventeen,” Jaejoong hesitantly says. “I’ll be eighteen soon and graduating,”


“Do you know how old I am?” Yunho asked. He’s quite interested in why in the world is this boy; Kim Jaejoong is welling to marry some stranger his parents befriend with.


“T-twenty five, 8 years apart.” Jaejoong answered, afraid of what Yunho was going to ask next.


“Are you aware of anything around you? Or do you just always listen to orders? Don’t you ever think for yourself?”


“What do you mean?” Jaejoong was even more confused.


“Date marriages are common in Korea,” Yunho stated. “If you don’t like the person, you can step out.”


“I don’t have any problems with the date,” Jaejoong almost laugh. Silly him, he shouldn’t. Jung Yunho here in front of him is talking dead serious. “Is there a problem with this with you?”


“Have you ever fall in love. Kim Jaejoong?”


“Did I ever… fall in love?” Jaejoong repeated the question. Asking himself and answering Yunho at the same time. “Of course,”


“Then you should never let it go.”


And that may be the biggest mistake Jung Yunho had ever given in an advice to Kim Jaejoong that day. Because,


“I’ve fallen in love with you.”




A month later, everything seemed unstoppable. Yunho’s love lost her job. A big threat from his father. To compromise with his father, Yunho agreed to marry Kim Jaejoong. To make it short, Yunho went through hell marrying a lad of an 8 years difference.


“You’re beautiful Jaejoong-ah,” his mother kissed his forehead. “It’s so soon, you grew up so fast. It seems like yesterday when you were still crawling.” Her tears gentle fall upon her cheeks.


“Mom, I’m still that child,” Jaejoong wiped his mother’s tears. “I’ll always be him,”


“Jaejoong-yah, they are waiting for you,”


“I’ll be right there,”


Standing on the podium, the priest witnesses the vows of the two men, making a commitment.


“Do you, Jung Yunho take this man, as your husband for millions years to come, lifetime to come?”




“Do you, Kim Jaejoong take this man, as your husband for millions years to come, lifetime to come?”


“I do,”


And so the crowd cheers. Jung Yunho placed his lips lightly on top of Kim Jaejoong’s.


And on their first night,


“Want to watch some cool movies?” Jaejoong asked his husband. “We should stay all night doing something together.”


“I’m tire,” Yunho answered.


“Then we should go to sleep all night?” Jaejoong chuckled. Yunho only stare back at him. What is wrong with this boy?


“Suit yourself,” Yunho turned off his table lamp and grabbed a pillow and slept on the small couch in the room.


“Yah, you’ll be cramp tomorrow if you sleep there,” Jaejoong said with concern. “Please sleep on the bed.”


Yunho never answered. Jaejoong sighed and slept alone on the cold bed. It was even colder to think that it was their OWN apartment all by themselves.


The next morning, Yunho work up, Jaejoong was not in bed. He was up making breakfast. “Good morning Yunho,” Jaejoong turned around with a smile. Always warm and comforting. “I made breakfast,”


“I’m off to work,” Yunho said and the split second—he was gone like the wind. Jaejoong frowned and sat on the lonely table all alone.



Yunho’s eyes didn’t peel off Jaejoong’s pink and red outfit. It was a long sweater with a wide shoulder cut that reveals all his pale shoulder blade. The color blood red drains down to pink at the bottom of the sweater. Jaejoong’s probably wearing a boxer under the long thin knitted appealing sweater.


“If you’re going to wear that, don’t sleep here.” Yunho said it as dreadful as he can. He cannot allow Jaejoong to wear that to bed. It’s for his own safety—and Jaejoong’s.


Jaejoong was shock at the hurtful words. But the box said it was from him and it has little instructions on them. Jaejoong opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed his mouth. He embarrassedly looked down on what he was wearing. He was sure it didn’t look too skimpy or so. He thought it looked good. Many people told him his blushing cheeks contrast well with red and pink.


“O-okay….” Jaejoong mumbled and grabbed his blanket to the other side of the bed. He fixed it on his place nicely before walking away feeling like an idiot. He then grabbed a different plain white shirt from the drawers. He headed for the bathroom to change.


“Don’t ever wear that again.” Yunho said before Jaejoong slowly shut the bathroom door. Jaejoong wore a little frown on his face. He looked in the mirror once more and frowned even more. Was he stupid or something? Trying to be cute when the person wouldn’t appreciate it. The gift was given from Yunho’s mother, said to be given from Yunho. How stupid can Jaejoong be to not know that Yunho will never give him anything?


Jaejoong was going to wear it because it said on the note to wear it to bed. And it said all those nice romantic words. Jaejoong’s hope rose a little, he’d admit. A little chill ran down Jaejoong’s body before he quickly changes into the white t-shirt. When Jaejoong walked out of the bathroom, he didn’t feel like sleeping so he walked to the living room and turned on the TV.


Many love shows were on that night. Jaejoong had to cry because he felt stupid. He was watching a sentimental show when his mind was running around some other place. He fell asleep on the couch. And it’s okay. This wasn’t the first time he has fallen asleep there. It happens almost always 5 times a week that he doesn’t sleep in the bedroom.




Jaejoong took a look at the sweater. Then he frowned. He didn’t want to throw it away because it was from Yunho’s mom, the real giver. He’ll just hang it in the closet forever. Jaejoong put on a black t-shirt with fancy prints and black faded skinny jeans. He turned on the kitchen lights and begins thinking about what he’s going to cook for breakfast. Well, not like Yunho was going to eat but he still made it for two anyways.  


There is a list of Yunho’s favorites on the fridge from his mother. No matter how many of those top 20 foods Yunho loves the most back then Jaejoong made, Yunho never taste them. Jaejoong frowned at the thought and then he decided about lunch for Yunho. This was the 20th bento Jaejoong bought for the month he swears. Yunho always lost them, which he wants to believe when he knew the truth was Yunho threw them away somewhere.


Jaejoong finished setting the table when Yunho came out from the bathroom. Yunho picked up the newspaper on the table and left the house. Jaejoong didn’t get any chance to say good morning to his spouse or even look at him with a smile in the spring morning. Jaejoong decided to call Yunho’s phone to say good morning and have a nice day like he usually does. But when he called, he heard a familiar ring tone beating on the coffee table in the living room.


Jaejoong frowned and bit his lips. He swears Yunho left his phone the 3 time this week and it’s just Wednesday, meaning he did everyday on this week. Jaejoong looked at the bento on the counter and had an idea came to his mind. He should take the phone and the bento to Yunho.


Jaejoong walked outside the chilly spring air and suck in the fresh air of spring. Jaejoong smiled at the sunshine and took his bike and starts pedaling.


“Hello Yunho,” the counter lady bowed.


“Good Morning Yunho.” The other followed and Yunho just smiled and nodded.


“Yunho, this is an abrupt meeting this afternoon,” Mr. Choi said handing Yunho a package. “It’s about the stocks.”


“Thank you.” Yunho took the package. “What’s this?”


“Love,” Mr. Choi joked. “No, it’s just the tape of the reconstructed palace in Pusan.”


“Hm,” Yunho smiled. “Why not a CD?”


“I don’t know, I didn’t tape it.”


“Haha, it’s okay.”


“How’s your spouse?”


“Don’t know.” Yunho replied before pressing the elevator button up.


After a few minutes Yunho got inside the elevator, Jaejoong arrived in the company.


“How can I help you?” the lady on the counter desk asked Jaejoong how is wondering around.


“Oh, I’d like to see your boss.” Jaejoong smiled.


“Sorry, do you have an appointment?”


“We need appointments?” Jaejoong said with a rose eyebrow. “I mean—no I didn’t know ma’m. But I need to give this to but I need to give this to Yunho.” Jaejoong smiled sweetly. “I’m his spouse. He forgot his phone and his lunch.”


The ladies squeal. Jaejoong was the cutest thing they ever seen that morning.


“Oh I didn’t know his spouse is this adorable.” The ladies murmur among each other.


“If you’re his spouse, then that should be fine.” The lady said and Jaejoong nodded.


“Oh wait, I forgot to lock my bike!” Jaejoong pout and put the lunch and phone on the counter. “I’ll be right back.”




The Elevator opened again and Yunho came back out. “I forgot to give you this.” Yunho hand to the lady in front. “It’s a list of calls that I need you to make for me that I didn’t list yesterday.”


“Okay,” she smiled. “Mr. Jung, your phone and lunch,” she said pointing to the counter top where Jaejoong left it. Yunho frowned and picked up his phone.


“Thank you,”


“It’s your spouse; he said he’ll be right back.” Yunho smiled and turned around. “Mr. Jung? Your lunch.” Yunho sighed and turned back around. He took the bento and walked to the front and tosses the bento away. He walked back to counter and ignore the lady and walked back to the elevator. The lady’s eyes were wide opened in shock.


Jaejoong was standing there by the rotating doors. He saw everything, when Yunho came back and when Yunho smiled. He thought that was a very beautiful smile. Then he saw Yunho hesitating to leave and picking up the bento and tossing it in the trash bin. Jaejoong made eye contact with the lady on the counter and she was about to say something but Jaejoong just smiled and turned back.


“Hi,” a man waved his hands in front of Jaejoong’s face. “My name’s Shim Changmin!”


“Hello,” Jaejoong smiled and shifting on the bench.


“I just saw you in there!” Changmin smiled brightly—“And did you know I go to the same college as you?!”


“Really?” Jaejoong smiled weakly.


“You said your spouse is in there?” Changmin smiled. “I mean—I didn’t mean to stalk but I was sitting there when you came in and I just thought I knew you. Um—my friend works in there! He’s Choi Siwon!”


“Okay,” Jaejoong chuckled. This guy is really funny, the way he expresses words. “It’s fine.”


“Why did he throw your lunch away?” Changmin asked. Jaejoong hesitated to answer and was feeling very uncomfortable. Changmin pursed his lips and think harder to clear up the stupid mess he came up with. “Well, I’d like his lunch if he doesn’t want it!”


“R-really?” Jaejoong’s face brightened up.


“Yeah,” Changmin smiled.


“Okay, you go to our school right?”


Mavis College.” Changmin signatures.





“I saw you threw that bento away.” Mr. Choi said to Yunho after the meeting. It was lunch time. “Someone took there time in the morning to do it. You know you come to work pretty darn early.”


“I didn’t like the food.” Yunho said. “I told the person I didn’t like them.”


“At least pretend to take it.”


“Hello Mr. Choi.” Ah Mee sat beside Yunho. Mr. Choi just nodded his head. “Yunho, I got you some kimbap.” She opened the little bento she made for Yunho. Yunho thanked her and smiled. She cutely moved closer. Mr. Choi was very annoyed and stood up.


“I have to go and have lunch with my wife.” Mr. Choi purposely indicates to make a point for Yunho and walked away. “I’m sure the other bento has hell of a lot of kimbap too.” Ah Mee looked at them both clueless.


“Did you like it?” she asked.




And Mr. Choi was right. The bento does have them. It was something that they told Jaejoong that Yunho loves the most. Jaejoong took his time to cook it and it was now on the bottom of one of those silver metal trash can in the company.


Hot and Cold

Title: Hot and Cold

Genre: Romance

Warning: Kiss and make up

Length: One shot

Summary: Jaejoong gets really girly when Yunho messes with him. And Jaejoong gets really hot when Yunho’s cold.


Author: Masterjaeuknow, AKA Masterbaka_chan


“Yunho has a nicer body now.” Junsu commented as they were looking at their new photo shots.


“Mines still look better,” Jaejoong joked-halfhearted of course.


“No yours isn’t,” Yunho popped out from the kitchen.


“Oh really, then why don’t you point out my so called no better than yours body’s flaws.” Jaejoong mucked back.


“Well, your muscles are too big, you’re too skinny and lately, your chest is too big,” Yunho tapped Jaejoong’s shoulder. “Shoulder very wide—and…..


“And what?” Junsu and Jaejoong both waited.




“And what Yunho?” Jaejoong said impatiently.


“Your face looks too feminine to have all that.”


“Excuse me?” Jaejoong rolled his eyes. “Since when was face part of the body down there?”


“Since good bodies looks like bad bodies.” Yunho smirked and flicked Jaejoong’s forehead. “Oh, and did I tell you, your forehead looks kind of big for your head.”


“You must be as brainless as your flat forehead then.” Jaejoong snickered. “Seriously, your stomach just got flatter and theirs really nothing to it. Your legs are too long, your chest heaves too high and your head is seriously too big. Deform freak.”


“Well, your skin is too pale you might disappear in the white walls in your bedroom.” Yunho bickered back. “Stupid Alien.”


“My walls are blue,” Jaejoong snorted. “You probably need a new glass because you look like you’re not opening your eyes.”


“You need a new mouth, very disturbing.” Yunho bickered back.



“Well, you might as well get knew earphones because I am the main vocalist because your voice has to suck a lot.”


“Really? I guess someone needs to record themselves and listen to it carefully.” Yunho sarcastically said. Junsu shook his head and took all the photo shots and joined Yoochun in the bedroom because he knew this will never come to an end. When YunJae fights, they can go endlessly….. He was right, an hour pass and they were still assaulting each other forever.


“Guys--” Changmin came in trying to stop them. “Jaejoong, you shouldn’t say that, apologize at least.” Supposedly Jaejoong was pissed off because Yunho offended him somehow in the long argument and Jaejoong has offended Yunho somehow.


“I am not talking to him!” Jaejoong threw himself on the left sofa.


“Changmin, you tell him I’m not talking to him either!”


“Well, tell him I don’t even want to talk to him ever again!” Jaejoong said.


“Tell him, if he ever talks to me again he’s going to get it!”


“Tell him, I’m not going to get it!”


“Tell him--”


“SHUT UP!” Changmin ran out of the living room. 


YunJae glared at each other and each walked away to their rooms. Jaejoong took out his phone and started texting.


-I hate you.-


-oh, so now you want to talk.-


- dis doesn’t count as talking cause ‘m textin -




-ur slow, I hate u-


-ur so fast, slow down b4 u break down-


-shut up-


-r u crying? U baby-


-not! u wish-


-cry bby, cry bby, wah, wah , wah-


-uknow wat? Don’t text me bak, I hate u-


Ddddddddddddddddd………….and that was the end. Jaejoong wouldn’t text back. Yunho sent a couple of ‘hello?’ and ‘hey, dead yet?’ but Jaejoong just doesn’t answer. Yunho sighed and shut his phone.


“YunJae needs to get a hold of themselves! Too much love fights!” Yoochun said with sarcasm in the word love.


“Please, I see worse than you, all you do is stay in this lame room.” Junsu shuffle the photos.


“They are hot and cold, up and down, in and out, black and white, left and right.” Changmin rest on the bed.


“I don’t know, let them make up, they are probably just playing around.”


Well, with that, everyone leaves it as it is. But then there was forever so long. Yunho never talked to Jaejoong. A Jaejoong act like Yunho doesn’t even exist. YooMinSu was getting very worried about the awkward YunJae. Maybe Yunho was getting too serious with Jaejoong’s assaults. Jaejoong is maybe much too overacting with Yunho’s words.


“Yunho, we need to talk.” Yoochun told the leader.


“Okay, is there a problem?”


“Yes,” Yoochun said.


“All ears on you.”


“Hey, you know, I don’t know how to start with this but—you know….. You might be taking Jaejoong too seriously.”




“Yeah, you know, Jaejoong’s always like that—he flirts and jokes a lot. He’s never going to be too serious if you would’ve laughed it off.”


“Wait—you want me to go and make things right when he started it.”


“Well, I guess so--”


“I’m supposed to apologize now?” Yunho rolled his eyes.


“Well, you know how stubborn Jaejoong is—you break up—now you need to make up.”





“Jaejoong you know how Yunho is,” Junsu cooed. “He’s always up tight and serious. If you say something to him, he expects it to be true.”


“Well, he should learn to take jokes.”


“Come on Jaejoong,” Junsu whined. “You don’t even say something upright to him before. I bet if you ever did, he’d laugh because he thought it was one of your lame jokes.”


“Oh, so now I’m supposedly a joker and then make lame jokes.”


“That’s not what I am saying—I mean it is, but it’s not the point.” Junsu sighed. “If he ever laughs at something you say and rub it off when you were serious, you’d be like a girl on PMS.”



“Whew, I was almost wasted!” Yoochun said after the boys just got home from the get together.


“Ah, I feel sick!” Junsu said running to the bathroom. Changmin followed to see what’s going on with Junsu and leaving YunJae alone in the cold living room.


“Um,” Yunho said first. Jaejoong looked at him and they stared for a while.


“I--” they both said at the same time. They both stopped and looked at each other. So Yunho decided to be the wrong, and let Jaejoong be the right.


“I apologize for being childish the other day, you know, you were just joking.”


“Oh, uh-hm.” Jaejoong felt the awkward feeling. “Me too.”


“Yeah, you always joke, of course you’d never say something serious; I was a fool aren’t I?” Yunho laughed and so did Jaejoong. “So are we cool again?”


“Yeah….” Jaejoong answered, though his thoughts ran the other way. Junsu was right; Yunho probably wouldn’t take anything he says seriously. Because he thinks Jaejoong joke too much.



“Yunho’s head is small; no wonder his brain couldn’t function well.” Jaejoong said.


“Oh no, YunJae back at it again.” YooSuMin….walked out of the room and left them alone.


“Your head’s so big, your neck might break.” Yunho said. He was laughing though.


“Your hair looks horrible; the hair stylist probably has trouble fixing it.”


“Your hair is so straight, it’s getting boring. You need to crunch it or someone will fall asleep looking at it.”


“Oh yeah? Your lip’s so pouty, you might want to cut the extra portion off.”


“And you probably need someone to suck off that red color on it. It looks like a man on lipstick.”


“Oh, then why don’t you do it then?” Jaejoong said. Then there was an awkward silence that fills the room. Jaejoong bit his lips and sat there feeling dumb. That wasn’t a joke.


“There are plenty of women out there you have in your list, why don’t you go and get them to do it?” Yunho laughed. “You’d probably even get a night with them.” He was joking right?


“Oh right,” Jaejoong had to roll his eyes. “I’ll just go out there somewhere and do what you thought I would do.”


“It was a joke, you know that right?”


“Yeah I know.”


“You lie so much, but then I could tell when you’re lying when I look into your eyes.” Yunho said looking at Jaejoong. Jaejoong look back at him.




“Really.” Yunho fold his arms and lean on the wall. Jaejoong went and stand in front of him and look into Yunho’s eyes. “Say something, I’ll tell you.” 


“Okay,” Jaejoong almost whispered it. “Ready?” Jaejoong confirm. Yunho nodded his head and stood up straight and look into Jaejoong’s eyes.


“Yunho,” Jaejoong said in a very slow and chopping voice. “I, like, you… a lot.”


Yunho and Jaejoong stared at each other for a little while. “I like you a lot.” Jaejoong repeated his words. Yunho stared back. Jaejoong’s eyes were really, really beautiful and really, really genuine. They stood there looking into each other’s eyes.


“You almost got me.” Yunho chuckled as he breaks the gaze. “You think you can lie to me? I told you I can tell when you joke.”  


“Really, you can tell all the time.” Jaejoong smiled and pinched Yunho’s cheeks. Yunho pouted as Jaejoong left and walk to the kitchen.


“Did you hear that?” Yoochun whispered to Junsu and Changmin. “It wasn’t a real joke was it?”


“Why would Jaejoong say that?” Junsu whispered back. “Doesn’t he know how dense our leader is?”


“It’s a confession said in the shadow.” Changmin said.


“Shadow what?” Yunho appeared behind YooSuMin.


“Light makes shadow.” Yoochun said and laughed. The other two agrees and follow Yoochun’s lame laugh.



“Jaejoong-sshi is there anyone you like at the time?” the MC asked. Jaejoong laughed and covered his mouth with his hands.


“Yes, but I can’t say.” Jaejoong smiled.


“That makes us all very curious,” the MC said to the camera. “Does she know?”


“You mean the person I like?” Jaejoong asked and laughed again. “Yes, no, kind of.”


“Oooowh~” Yoochun elbowed Yunho.


“What?” Yunho elbowed him back.


“Oh, I think I know who Jaejoong-ah likes,” Changmin whispered to Junsu.


“Yunho-sshi?!” Junsu said loudly. Everyone stared at him and he covered his mouth.


“Yes?” Yunho answered him. The MC, Yoochun and Jaejoong all stared at him. Changmin slapped his own forehead.


“I was just practicing saying your name.” Junsu smiled.


“Ah, I know you love me.” Yunho patted Junsu’s back. Junsu laughed and scratched his head.


After the show Yunho followed Jaejoong onto the dressing room.


“Where’s Yoochun?” Jaejoong turned around to see Yunho trailing behind him. Yunho shut the door behind him.


“I don’t know, maybe toilet,” Yunho answered seating next to Jaejoong.


“Aaahhhh…. I’m so tire….” Jaejoong leaned on his chair.


“Hey, Jaejoong,”




“Who was it that you like?” Yunho leaned forward from his seat, “I’ve never seen you going out with anyone, and how did you already confess?”


“Oh, it’s just someone,” Jaejoong chuckled.


“Tell me,” Yunho demand. “We’re best friends. I promise I won’t tell the rest,”


“I’d rather tell them than you.” Jaejoong laughed,


“What?!” Yunho turned Jaejoong to face him. “Did I make you mad again?”


“No,” Jaejoong smiled.


“Hm, then you must like me isn’t it?” Yunho joked. Jaejoong’s eyes opened abruptly.


“E-eh?” Jaejoong looked into Yunho’s eyes. “U-um, what, you---”


“Kidding,” Yunho chuckled. “Why would you like me? Crazy isn’t it?”


“Yeah, that is—crazy.” Jaejoong turned the other way and put a hand over his heart.



“I’m so frustrated~” Yunho ran his hand through his hair.


“What is it?” Yoochun asked. Yunho looked at him and then around them. There was no one else but them.


“Jaejoong’s been really weird.” Yunho said. “HE expects me to just—you know… guess things right or something.”


“What are you talking about? You mean he acts like a girl?”


“Okay, this one time—we were talking to Yoona, and we were going to get ice cream. Then I asked them what flavor they want and I guessed hers right but then I didn’t guess his—and he was pissed off.”


“Well, he likes vanilla, we all know that.”


“I forget.”


“I guess,”


“Seriously! But then he just said he has to go. And he was like—frowning. So I had to excuse myself and go after him but, he ignored me and stared talking to one of our staffs.”


“Do you, like Jaejoong hyung?” Yoochun asked.


“What? Of course not.” Yunho said back. “That can’t happen.”


“Can’t happen doesn’t mean wouldn’t happen.” Yoochun shrugged his shoulder.


“Yah, what’s wrong with you?”




Jaejoong was in the kitchen stirring the soup in the pot. Yunho walked in and put his hands on Jaejoong’s waist. Jaejoong turned his head and smiled. He blew on the liquid on the spoon and fed it to Yunho.


“It’s good.” Yunho rest his head on Jaejoong’s shoulder.


“That’s good then.” Jaejoong turned off the stove and pushed Yunho back to go to the sink.


“Hey,” Yunho turned to Jaejoong. Can’t happen doesn’t mean wouldn’t happen. “Um,”


“What is it?” Jaejoong turned around.




“Stop lying.” Jaejoong chuckled. “I can tell when you lie. I can see it in your eyes.”


“Really,” Yunho smirked and walked in front of Jaejoong, who leaned back on the counter with a smirk.




“Okay, then you see if this is a lie or not.” Yunho leaned down ‘till his face leveled with Jaejoong’s. “Look into my eyes carefully okay? You might not catch the little glimpse in it.”


Jaejoong chuckled and cross his arms. “Okay,” he looked from the side then to Yunho’s eyes. “Go on,”


“If you guess wrong, then you owe me one.”


“Okay, go on.”


“Jaejoong-yah,” Yunho put a hand on the side of Jaejoong’s head. “I, like, you a lot.” Jaejoong’s smirk faded from his face as he kept his eyes on Yunho’s.


“You’re lying aren’t you?” Jaejoong chuckled nervously. “Hahaha, that was a clean lie.” Jaejoong tried to walk away but Yunho pulled Jaejoong back and slam him on the counter.


“How did you guess?” Yunho lowered his lips closer to Jaejoong’s. “Guess so wrong.” Yunho’s lips press on Jaejoong. Jaejoong’s eyes grew wider. Those warm lips are on his own. Yunho slowly broke the kiss and Jaejoong’s eyes were still open, now softer. Jaejoong fidgeted a little before running himself into Yunho and lock lips with him again. Tongue touching each others and lips colliding. Yunho ran his hands on Jaejoong’s back making some kind of soothing flow. Jaejoong’s hand gripping on Yunho’s hair and neck.


After a while of breathless kissing, Yunho looked confused and tried to come up with an excuse. “Uh—um. Yoochun put the idea in my mind.”


“A-aaah…” Jaejoong looked down to his feet; blushing.


“But you guessed wrong.” Yunho said. Jaejoong’s head jerk up. “So—yeah,”


“You like me,” Jaejoong smirked.


“So what? You like me too.” Yunho pouted.


“Of course,” Jaejoong walked away from Yunho.


“That means yes right?”


“I’ll leave that to your imagination.”


“Yah, you kissed me!”


“So what? You kissed me too.”



the end~